Yin Diao V4 Gaming Keyboard;Ergonomic Water-Resistant;Multimedia Keys,Extremely-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard for Desktop, Pc, PC

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  • Kindly gaming keyboard. UV-lined keycaps and injection-molded laser-engraved ABS keycaps procure, the letters obtained’t ever fade. Sweat-proof, prevent injure to keycaps, enhanced sturdiness and tactile feedback
  • Intellectual Illuminated LED. Different LED lights backlit modes, respiratory,Adjustable permanent blended backlit modes, peevish respiratory or permanent lights mode. Carry icy visual outcomes at night
  • Multimedia keys facilitate the operation of your work or game and beef up effectivity. Ergonomic procure, sturdy keycaps, crisp percussion feedback gentle lines, entirely cheerful feeling, and anti-fatigue. Supreme backlit gaming keyboard for gaming and place of business
  • Top high quality water-resistant keyboard. The two angled legs on the serve of the keyboard can regulate the height of the keyboard. Four drainage holes. The water-resistant keyboard prevents injure precipitated by spilled drinks or espresso. The anti-interference magnetic ring, gold-plated interface and water-resistant braided USB cable assassinate obvious that that valid records transmission and are extra durable than other PVC cables and are no longer straightforward to interrupt


Label: $69.99

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