USB Gaming Microphone, Laptop Podcast Microphone Condenser Mic for PC Notebook computer Desktop Windows (Golden)

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  • This microphone makes exercise of a legit sound chipset and 16mm electret condenser sensor fetch, so that the USB microphone can withhold a excessive choice sampling price of as much as 192KHz/24bit.
  • The cardioid pickup pattern affords pristine and easily desire. It records sound sources which can be straight in front of the microphone, reducing undesirable background noise.
  • The relate and shock mount are manufactured from excessive-quality steel, which will provide protection to the PC microphone in all directions.
  • The pop-up filter and windshield duvet can decrease the interference of wind and saliva and develop your command clearer.
  • Bundle involves 1 × condenser microphone, 1 × sturdy adjustable arm, 1 × steel shock resistant mount, 1 × pop-up filter, 1 × windshield duvet, 1 × USB cable, 1 × Handbook.


Tag: $54.99

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