STOGA Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard Review

STOGA Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon
STOGA also makes this wireless keyboard/mouse combo that may interest you:

This is an excellent slim profile and small mechanical keyboard if you have limited desk space and don’t care about not having a 10-key numpad on your keyboard. The blue switch keys themselves are very clicky and provide a quick responsive feel. This 87 full size keys keyboard claims all keys are anti-ghosting and we found no conflicts in in the game testing that was done. This keyboard has 9 multimedia functions built in that are accessed via the FN+ key combination

This LED backlit keyboard from STOGA also has 13 lighting modes, 4 speed levels, 4 brightness levels and an option to leave solid color or turn LED backlight off. One mode just highlights the WASD and Arrow keys only for example.

My younger son REALLY loved this keyboard far more than larger mechanical keyboards as it just worked better for his small hands, he plays Valorant, Minecraft, Roblox, League of Legends and does his school work all while using this keyboard. One thing to note, the blue switch keys can be a bit loud and I can hear them from 10′ away in another room clicking away, this is very common for blue switch keyboards but know that people either love the clackity-clickity of blue-switch or the don’t (or others around them don’t). The USB cord is sufficiently long to go over and behind a desk and plug into a computer under a desk from behind. The LED light patterns are really fun to play around with though there are fixed patterns and there is no way to customize each key to specific colors with any software.

Overall, a fantastic mechanical keyboard for being just around $40 on Amazon and it gets a thumbs up from my son too.

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