GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eyewear /Intercept, Amber Tint – Patented Lens, Reduce Digital Eye Strain,

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The Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses is an excellent “out of the box” solution to improve your visual performance and reduce eye fatigue for those with 20/20 vision. Eyestrain, visual stress and dry eyes can be caused by extended periods of digital screen viewing. GUNNAR’s digital eyewear filters out the harsh, high energy part of the spectrum and creates a more relaxed viewing experience to help your eyes focus more naturally. The amber lens tint, anti glare coatings and ultra pure lens material help provide sharper, clearer vision. Gunnar’s i-AMP lens technology is specifically engineered to reduce digital eyestrain, enhance viewing detail and protect the eyes of the serious gamer in order to stay focused and play longer. Made of acetate with an smoke frame finish, the INT-06701 Intercept optics has a full rim frame with a curved nose rest to provide even weight distribution guaranteeing longwearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue. The engineering grade injection polymers provide dimensional stability and long term durability and the gently curved temples (arms) with multi barrel hinges are designed to provide necessary retention to keep eyewear in place, conform and create rotational stability for long lasting fit. The Intercept is a wide fit frame ideal for larger heads. Comes in a 59-millimeter lens width, 18-millimeter bridge width and 132-millimeter temple length. The Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses come with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. When there is no time to blink, you need GUNNAR performance optics. GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience, improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery, while combating eye fatigue during extended hours of gaming. Lens width: 58 mm, nose: 17 mm, frame width: 133 mm, temple: 135 mm.Protect Your Eyes – High Energy Blue Light emitted by electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones have shown to increase the risk of accumulated damage to the retina, cataracts, sleep disorders and macular degeneration.
Block Blue Light – Block 65% of harmful blue light, 100% of UV. Prevent short-term and long-term damage like macular degeneration, cataracts, and the reduction of melatonin production.
Sleep Better – Block blue light and reduce eye strain that affects your bodies circadian rhythms and prevents healthy restorative restful sleep you need to perform daily and prevent health issues.
Reduce Eye Strain – minimize headaches, dry eye and eye fatigue with added amber lens contrast, anti reflective coatings and patented focusing power 0.20 mag.
Comfort and Protection – light weight durable comfortable frame materials fit ergonomically with your face and head, FDA Approved. Rested eyes, no headaches, better sleep, no eye damage caused by blue light from digital devices = happier people and world.


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