Greendo Headphones, in-Ear Gaming Earbuds Noise Isolation Headsets Earphones with Microphone for Laptop Computer Smart Phone/PC/Nintendo Switch/XboxOne/PS4,3.5mm Handsfree Calling

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1. 1.5m earphone wire. 3.5mm single plug, 1m two-in-one adapter, a pair of large three-point earmuffs, a pair of small three-point earmuffs, a pair of middle two-point earmuffs, a pair of two-color earmuffs, a pluggable microphone.
2. the use of methods: can be directly connected to the phone to use ,with unilateral three-wire control. You can answer, hang up, adjust the volume , remote control, with microphone function. After plugging in the pluggable microphone, control buttons work properly, the microphone stops working, and the pluggable microphone starts working. The earphones can be connected to the adapter wire to connect the computer to use, when using the computer, the remote control function is disabled, only the microphone and speaker work properly. When the earphones are connected to the pluggable microphone, remote-control microphone is out of action, the pluggable microphone works.

1, Do not listen in large volume state for a long time, prepare for good dust, moisture, pollution prevention work;
2, Gently put and take, avoid touching hot and sharp objects, so as not to damage the productâs structure and function.

Package Contents:
Gaming Headset * 1
Bullet silica gel muff ( 3 dimensions ) * 6
3.5mm audio extension line * 1
Computer audio patchcord * 1
Earphone Storage Bag * 11、Game-specific: designed for game users, high-frequency noise reduction microphone, clear current, communicate with teammates without pressure
2、Double-locking technology: ear-hook and ergonomic earplugs, comfortable and skin-friendly soft rubber material, providing safe and comfortable wear at the same time more solid, even if strenuous exercise does not fall
3、Broad Applications: Detachable Microphone and Desktop Adapter for Laptops, Mobile Phones iPhone iPod / Android Devices
4、The instructions of earmuffs: with a total of four specifications of the earmuffs, choose the right earmuffs to use can make it more comfortable. If you feel too loose, choose a larger earmuffs; if you feel too compact, choose smaller earmuffs. Using multi-section earmuffs makes sound more focused.
5、Full length cable length: total cable length up to 1.5m. As a result, headphones with a microphone can fully meet the player’s requirements during the game.


Price: $31.99

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