CubiCubi L-Fashioned Desk Computer Nook Desk, 50.8″ Dwelling Gaming Desk, Situation of job Writing Peek Workstation with Sizable Video display Stand, Pickle-Saving, Easy to Assemble

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  • In type Manufacture Model: Cubicubi L Fashioned desk offers you a current, effectively-to find desk.
  • Expansive Work Pickle: 51.1″ x 51.1″ x 29.5″ dimensions might presumably swimsuit your home or build of job.
  • Video display Stand: removable video display stand might presumably be installed on any strategy of this desk.
  • Immense Sturdy: High-quality iron pipes and tabletop accomplish advantageous the unparalleled stability of the desk.
  • Appropriate Room and Characteristic: Would possibly be a computer desk, respect desk, gaming desk.


Mark: $99.99

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